Courthouse - Photo by Dave King
(Photo of Courthouse Courtesy of Dave King)

April 26th: The deadline for pre-registration online. Idaho residents can register to vote at VoteIdaho.gov. Following this deadline, voters may register to vote at the polls.

May 10th: Deadline to request an absentee ballot for the primary election. Voters who wish to vote absentee must submit an absentee ballot request by this date. Voters may request an absentee ballot online at VoteIdaho.gov.

May 6th - May 17th: Early voting period for the primary election. Early voting allows voters to cast their ballots in person before Election Day. Visit https://voteidaho.gov/Idaho-primary-election/ to find out if and when early voting is available in your county.

May 21st: Election Day for the primary election. Voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballots at their designated polling places. Visit VoteIdaho.gov to find your polling location.

You may drop off any Election forms or documents To the Auditor's Office of you may put them in the drop box in the garage at the back entrance of the building.   Absentee Request Forms and Voter Registration Forms are available at that location.  Call the office for assistance 208-476-5615.

Many of our services are available online and we are available to assist you by phone or email at vote@clearwatercounty.org.  

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Accommodation and assistance are available for voting in the November General Election.  Please contact our office for more information at (208) 476 – 5615  vote@clearwatercounty.org.  

We believe every vote counts and that voting should be accessible for everyone.  Clearwater County Elections is committed to serving voters in our community who have disabilities. If you need extra help at the polls, just ask one of our team members.

Voting Assistance
Each polling place in Clearwater County has a voter assistance terminal to help voters who may have a hard time seeing or marking their ballot. This terminal allows you to vote independently and privately. If you have a difficult time reading the ballot, you may use headphones to listen to an audio ballot and make selections via a touch screen or braille keyboard. The terminals also give voters the ability to easily enlarge the size of the ballot and increase the contrast, so it is easier to read. If you happen to make a mistake, you can change your selections or request a new ballot from a poll worker.

If you would rather not use a voter assistance terminal, you may request help from a poll worker or bring someone with you to help. They can read the ballot to you and help you mark your selections.

Curbside Voting
If you have a disability, difficulty standing in line or accessing your polling place, you may ask a poll worker for curbside voting. In this case, your ballot will be brought to you, so you can vote outside the polling place or in your car.

Early Voting
If you would rather not leave your home, you can still make your voice count and vote by mail.

If you would like more information about Idaho’s commitment to make voting accessible to everyone, please visit the Idaho Secretary of State’s website

To access the Federal Voting Assistance Program webite - CLICK HERE

For an informational video specific to Idaho's election process and security - CLICK HERE

       For more information please go to the Secretary of State's website:
        http://www.sos.idaho.gov/ or