Extension Office

Extension Office

Welcome to University of Idaho Extension – Clearwater County

UI Extension, Clearwater County serves the residents of Clearwater County and other north central Idaho counties. Our programs and services improve lives and the local economy. Our office provides programming in:

  • 4-H Youth Development
  • The main goal of our 4-H and Youth Development program is to provide engaging learning opportunities for the youth in our county, while also promoting self-achievement, self-confidence, responsibility and leadership skills. By offering quality programs, we are helping our youth acquire skills that can be used in 4-H and beyond. We also work with other UI Extension county offices and community volunteers to hold two youth summer camps, the Sixth-Grade Forestry Tour and the CL2N 4-H camp each year.
  • 4-H information is found here: https://www.facebook.com/ClearwaterCounty4H/
  • Land-Based Economic Development and Land Stewardship
  • We provide educational programs and information to landowners and managers to help them increase economic and ecological benefits. Better use and management of forests, rangelands and pastures can have many payoffs:
  • Reduce noxious weeds
  • Reduce fire danger
  • Improve wildlife habitat and biodiversity
  • Improve forest health
  • Give economic return to landowners and local communities
  • Topics and Workshop Materials for Download are posted here: https://www.uidaho.edu/extension/county/clearwater/land-steward
  • We provide information on horticulture, weed management, canning and food preparation. We also provide soil testing and plant and insect identification services.
    • Access to on-campus resources, expertise and unbiased advice on gardening and horticulture topics.
    • You may bring in samples or photographs of plants, plant diseases, and insects that you want identified. Accurate identification, diagnosis, and recommendations depend on many factors. The more information you provide about your sample, the better we can assist.
    • Rising food costs have persuaded many people to plant gardens. You may be thinking about preserving your harvest for the first time — or dusting off old canning equipment. Food preservation has evolved over the years. With the knowledge of what foodborne illnesses can occur, it is important to use proper procedures and tested recipes to prepare safe preserved foods.
    • Our Newsletters and Events (workshops) are posted here:                          https://www.uidaho.edu/extension/county/clearwater/news

Our office address:
University of Idaho Extension - Clearwater County
2200 Michigan Ave.
Orofino, ID  83544
FAX 208-476-4111

Our Office Staff:
Audra Cochran
Extension Educator

Tona Morgan
Extension Administrative Assistant

Erin Rodgers
4-H Program Manager