"We Care About People"

BACK COUNTRY MEDICS based out of Orofino, Idaho primarily flies first response to those areas of the rugged mountains that ground ambulances cannot reach because there is no access. Our area of operation is North Central Idaho including all or portions of Clearwater, Shoshone, Benewah, Latah, Nez Perce, Lewis and Idaho counties.

Additionally, we respond to support other Emergency Medical Services (EMS) units, law enforcement and occasionally fire services. We fly when the mechanism or severity of the injury or illness dictates expeditious transport. We fly when it may take ground ambulances several hours to reach hospitals. We have mutual aid agreements with all surrounding EMS units in the region and fly to support them and you. The closest air medical units are minimally 50 miles from our base of operations.

BACK COUNTRY MEDICS has been serving the region for more than three decades and the flight crew has the experience and knowledge to reach isolated back country areas and care for and transport patients to the appropriate medical facility for definitive care. Their proximity and experience help them to transport patients for care during the critical "Golden Hour".

When in need CALL your local sheriff's office and request: BACK COUNTRY MEDICS through the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office at 1-208-476-4521 and request BACK COUNTRY MEDICS.