PREA Info / Audit Reports

PREA Info / Audit Reports


Sexual abuse and sexual harassment seriously hampers the mission of the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office to provide a safe and secure environment for inmates and staff.  The jail facility endeavors to comply with training standards in accordance with the Federal PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) rule. The jail has zero tolerance with regard to sexual abuse and sexual harassment in this facility and will take appropriate affirmative measures to protect all inmates from sexual abuse and harassment and to promptly and thoroughly investigate all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. 

The Clearwater County jail facility has developed policy and procedures to reduce the risk of in-custody sexual assaults and will ensure that an investigation is completed for all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

Should an investigation result in possible criminal charges the investigation will be conducted by an agency with the legal authority to conduct criminal investigations. 

If you were a victim or if you suspect abuse has happened in this facility, you are urged to call the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office at 208-476-8903 and ask to speak to a supervisor. Reports may also be made in writing.  

Address any written complaint to:
Clearwater County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 724
Orofino, ID 83544

Audit Reports - Click on the Report to View:
2019 PREA Report
2020 PREA Report