Clerk for Commissioners

Courthouse - Photo by Dave King
(Photo of Courthouse Courtesy of Dave King) 

Responsibilities of the Clerk for Board of Commissioners

The county auditor is designated by law as ex-officio clerk of the Board of County Commissioners.  As Clerk of the Commissioners, the duties of this position include the following:

  1. Recording all proceedings of the board;
  2. Recording resolutions and decision on questions concerning the raising of money and allowance of accounts against the county;
  3. Recording the vote of each member on any question on which there is a division, or at the request of any member of the board of county commissioners present;
  4. Signing all orders made and warrants issued by the Board of County Commissioners for the payment of money;
  5. Recording the reports of the County Treasurer of receipts and disbursements of money;
  6. Preserving and filing all accounts acted upon by the board;
  7. Preserving all orders levying taxes;
  8. Performing all other duties required by law or by any rule or order of the board.
Clerks (or their deputies) prepare the agenda for meetings of the County Commissioners and attend the meeting to provide information and advice.  After the meeting, they prepare the formal record of the proceedings and are required to publish monthly statements clearly giving notice to the public of all the board’s acts and proceedings, including a brief financial summary indicating the total amount expended from each county fund during the month.  They may also write letters and make telephone contacts in accordance with the instructions of the board. 

About This Department
Clerk: Carrie Bird
Commissioner's Assistant: Shelly Donner
Address: 150 Michigan Ave
                 Orofino, ID 83544
Mailing: PO Box 586
                Orofino, ID 83544
Phone: 208-476-3615
Fax: 208-476-8902
Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM M-F