Requirements, Forms & Applications

Requirements, Forms & Applications

                                          RESIDENTIAL PLAN SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS
1.  Two sets of plans are required. Plans must be sized so the plans examiner can easily review them. Please do not ask this office to make plan copies for you.
2.  The following drawings must be included:
                       a.  All face elevations, scaled.
                       b.  Footing/foundation elevation, scaled.
                       c.  Plan view for each level showing room designations, scaled. 
                       d.  Plan view showing floor framing, scaled.
                       e.  Plan view showing roof framing, scaled [may be omitted for trusses].
                       f.   Electrical view showing smoke detector placement.
                       g.  Footing through roof elevation providing all details, including reinforcement in  
                            concrete, vapor barriers, sill sealer, anchor bolts, sill plates, clearance to
                            ground/grade, size and type of lumber, spacing on exterior wall framing, insulation
                            values, etc.
                       h.  Roof covering type.
                       i.  Site Plan and Address
                       j.  Copy of Approved Septic Permit 

  1. The following information must be provided with the plans: 

                      a.  Window schedule showing window type, size and U-values.
                      b.  Door schedule showing type and U-values.
                      c.  Manufacture’s specifications for any wood stoves, fireplaces, or other mechanical/fuel
                           burning equipment you plan to install. 

If you have any questions, please call (208) 476-4815. Plans that are complete will be scheduled for plan review, incomplete plans will be put on hold until all the required information is received.

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