Transfer Station


One of the biggest questions we get is, what is accepted at the transfer station.  Below is a list of the most frequently asked about items.

Appliances: Yes.  Examples are washers, dryers, dishwasher, stoves, and water heaters.
Batteries: Yes.
Paint: Yes.  We do ask that it is dried out, and that you mix it with sawdust, dirt or kitty litter.
Small Engines:  Yes.  We require that all fluid be drained prior to bringing to us.
Propane Tanks: Yes.  They must be empty, the top knob removed, or it has a hole in tank. Please check with attendant before leaving.
Fire Extinguishers: Yes.  Release any pressure in the canister and let it sit for a few days before bringing it. We do not accept any made prior to 1960.
Printer cartridges: Yes.
Used Needles: Yes.  When they are placed in a thick plastic container (e.g. laundry detergent bottle) and taped shut with a strong tape (e.g. duct tape).
Unused Prescriptions Medications: No.  Please take them to the Sheriff’s Office or the Orofino Police Department. Please DO NOT flush any medications down the sink or toilet.
Ammunition and Gun Powder: No.  Please contact the Clearwater County Sheriffs Office at 208-476-4521, for information on how to dispose of it.
 Antifreeze: No.  You can check with Simmons Sanitation @ 208-935-3617, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts @ 208-798-4657 or Lewiston Transfer Station @ 208-746-0389.
Tin Cans: Yes.  We do ask that they are “clean”. Please separate from aluminum.
Aluminum Cans: Yes.  We are collecting them and donating them to different clubs and groups. If you are the leader of a club or group and are interested in this new program, please call 208-476-7903. 

Currently we are not recycling newspaper, glass, or plastic.
Please dispose of in your regular household garbage.