Transfer Station


We are excited to start this new “Giving Back to the Community” program. How the program will work is simple. The transfer station will be a collection point for aluminum cans, your organization will pick them up bi-weekly to turn in to cash. The more you promote the program the more money for your group. We will rotate groups monthly so everyone can earn a little extra money. 

The Transfer Station will provide space for aluminum can collection. Eligible groups will need to make the commitment to pick up cans bi-weekly. If your group has a small trailer, they can leave it at the transfer station to be loaded as cans come in. We will not be responsible for any damage to the trailer.

We encourage you to promote your group, you can put signs on the collection bin or your trailer, if you would like. All cans collected during the group’s month can be taken by the group to a recycle center to cash out. The transfer station will not crush, bail or transport them.   

Please contact our office at 208-476-7903 or email for any questions or to get on the list.