Tax Collection

Tax Collection
Tax notices are mailed by the 4th Monday in November for the calendar year. All taxes are due December 20. Taxes may be paid in two installments, the first half by December 20 and the second half by June 20 of the following year. For instructions on paying taxes by credit card email

Any portion of a tax can be paid at any time, but if there is a remaining balance of the first half not paid by December 20, there is a 2% late charge applied immediately and 1% interest per month beginning January 1 of the following year on the unpaid balance.

If the second half is not paid by June 20, there is 2% late charge and 1% interest per month retroactive to January 1.

There is also a subsequent roll, which is mailed out as soon as possible after the closing of the Board of Equalization on the first Monday of each December. Tax is due on this roll 30 days after mailing or as stated on the tax notice. Again, late charges and interest are applied if the payment deadline is not met.