Emergency Callbox Installed at Bungalow Bridge

New Emergency Callbox Installed at the Bungalow Bridge.

 On the night of May 28, 2016 there was a tragic car accident near the Bungalow Bridge that resulted in the deaths of Hunter Skiles and Crissy Hendren. The Bungalow Bridge crosses the North Fork of the Clearwater River at the intersection of the Forest Service 250 and 247 Roads. This location is about one hour from any of these places that someone can get help, Pierce, ID, the Forest Service Canyon Work Center or the Kelly Work Center. Cell phone coverage is even farther away. This area is very popular with campers and other recreational activities.

The family of Hunter Skiles contacted me and wanted to know if they could make a donation to put an Emergency Call Box at the Bungalow Bridge. I told them that we could accept a donation and that we already had an Emergency Call Box on Dworshak Reservoir at Granddad Bridge and we could add one at the Bungalow Bridge. They wanted the call box installed in memory of Hunter and Crissy.

The next step was to get approval from the Forest Service to install the Emergency Call Box. The Forest Service was very supportive of the the idea and within 30 days we had permission to install the call box. The call box was installed last fall but the winter came early and not many people saw that the call box was installed. Now that camping and recreation season is getting started, I wanted everyone to know that the new white box at the Bungalow Bridge is an Emergency Call Box. There is now a sign on the door explaining how to operate the call box. It works through our radio system and puts you in direct contact with the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office. As soon as the door is opened the box is activated and anyone monitoring our radio frequency can hear that the box has been activated. The dispatcher will then ask, " What is your emergency?” The user then pushes the button to talk to the dispatcher. After they are done talking they just release the button and can then hear any additional questions or instructions from the dispatcher.

The Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office appreciates the donation from the family of Hunter Skiles to purchase the Emergency Call Box. The cost of the call box was $3,300.00 and Clearwater County covered the installation cost and will maintain it into the future. I have no doubt that this call box will save someones life in the future by allowing first responders to get notified significantly sooner than they could be before the call box. 

Those in the attached picture from left to right: Gib Quigley, Melissa Quigley, Tori Skiles, Mara Skiles and Tony Skiles.

Chris Goetz, Sheriff

Clearwater County, ID