Boat Accident on Dworshak Lake


A boating accident was reported by Montana Fish Nation who was having a bass tournament at Dworshak on June 17-18. At approximately 5:15 A .M., on June 18, Mike Dominick of Alberton, MT, was attempting to pass another tournament boat at a high rate of speed between the shoreline and the boat he was over taking. Dominick lost control of the boat and the boat hit the shore. It was reported that Dominick and his passenger Quincy Grupenhoff from Nixon Montana were ejected from the boat prior to hitting the shore; neither Dominick or Grupenhoff were reported to have injuries requiring more than first aid and both were wearing Personal Flotation Devices. Dominick's boat was towed to Big Eddy boat launch by another tournament boat and was loaded onto a trailer and was towed back to Montana by Dominick. The accident is still under investigation at this time.