Possible Injured Subject-Elk Creek Falls Area

Media Release

Date: 06/21/17 14:41
Case Number: P2017-00691
Nature of Call: Possible Injured Subject
Date of Incident: 06/20/17 13:20
Deputy: Chief Deputy Rick Miller

Narrative: On 6/20/2017 at approximately 1:30 P.M., the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office received a call from some subjects that were hiking in the Elk Creek Falls area near Elk River. Subjects reported that they had heard a whistle in the area of the falls. They said that they hollered back and heard some more whistles. The reporting person believed that there was someone that may need help. A Sheriff's Deputy responded as well as Clearwater County Sheriff Search and Rescue Back Country Medic Helicopter with a rope team, Clearwater County Sheriff Search and Rescue members, Elk River Fire Department members, Deary Ambulance and Deary Fire Rescue Unit all searched the area for several hours and were unable to locate anyone in the area.