Sheriff's Office Launches New App

The Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office announces new smartphone app

The Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office has a new smartphone app.  The Clearwater County Sheriff’s App provides a free mobile app that will assist critical two-way communication between the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office and the residents of Clearwater County or anyone who wants to be connected with the Agency.

This will be the exclusive app for communications from the Sheriff’s Office with press releases, alerts, an event calendar and more.

Communications to the Sheriff’s Office can be made as well.  Your smartphone will now be your platform for submitting tips which may help solve crimes and locate missing persons.

There are two options for submitting information the Sheriff’s Office. One is to contact dispatch. This sends the information to dispatch in an email. The other is an anonymous tip. This sends information in an email directly to the Detectives at the Sheriff’s Office. This is truly anonymous and no identifying information is sent. 

The Clearwater County Sheriff’s App also provides easy one touch calling for non-emergency calls.        

One of the purposes of using this app is to provide timely and accurate information to the public.                      

Please install their new app using the QR code shown or search for ‘Clearwater County Sheriff’ in your app store. It is available for both Apple and Android.