Emergency Management update on Potential Flooding

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We have arrived that time of the year when the Clearwater River is at its highest. Clearwater County monitors all our rivers for potential flooding. During May into June the Clearwater River typically runs at its highest. Today May 10, 2018 we have reached 16 feet which is considered the “Action Stage”. Typically at this level the water surface is generally near or slightly above the tops of its banks but no man-made structures are flooded at this time and any water overflowing is limited to small areas.

The snow pack in the Clearwater basin is still above 100% percent. We have a lot of snow yet to melt off. What this means is that we will see high water for a longer period of time. So far our weather has been cooperative. It hasn’t been too hot or too wet. As everyone knows the weather is hard to predict. Staying informed is important. Here some sites that can help you do that.



We also are monitoring Orofino creek but at this time of the year it does not run high. We typically see Orofino creek high during February and March.

Clearwater County personnel have been checking on different areas along the Clearwater River. We are getting visual confirmation of any potential flooding and we have not seen any yet. One place you can put any of your own weather observation is on the “6C Weather” FaceBook page. Clearwater Office of Emergency Management does monitor that page.


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