Junior College Certificate of Residency Applications

Junior College Certificate of Residency (COR) Applications

* * * Important Deadlines for Submission * * *

  • May 1st - Current Spring Semester/Term [ See Idaho Code 33-2110A (3)]
  • December 1st - Current Fall Semester/Term [ See Idaho Code 33-2110A (3)]

Application Forms  




  • All forms and documentation must be submitted as follows:
    • Delivered or mailed to: Clearwater County Recorder's Office, P O Box 586, Orofino, Idaho  83544, OR
    • Email to:  commissioners@clearwatercounty.org
    • Faxed to: 208-476 9615
    • Students please refer to the instructions listed on the Certificate of Residency Form. Complete and return with proper documentation. All completed COR forms and supporting documentation will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Clearwater County Board  of Commissioners.
  • Details regarding the Idaho Department of Education Advanced Opportunities (high school dual credits)
  • Approved County-funded junior college tuition for qualifying non-high school students are eligible for $500 per semester/term up to $3,000 lifetime maximum

Statutory Requirements

Idaho Qualifying Junior Colleges

If you have additional questions please contact the Clearwater County Recorder’s Office.

Clearwater County Recorder
P O Box 586
Orofino,  Idaho  83544
208 476 5615
Fax:   208 476 9315