Pierce Fire Department


4/20/44--The board of trustees of the Village of Pierce organized the volunteer fire dept. and appointed Dick Brown as fire chief.

8/10/44--Approved the purchase of a Ford V-8 from Gray Fire Apparatus Co. $3,020.00

9/4/45--Received the Fire Truck at a cost of $3,534.51

8/4/47--Brought Truck up to Underwriters StandardsPierce

4/3/50--Adopted Ordinance #33 setting up a Fire District

8/7/50--Remodeled Fire Truck to meet Insurance Standards of Underwriters

9/3/51--Purchased New Fire Truck, $3,289.46, type not recorded

1/7/64--Glen Snyder-Fire Commissioner

3/9/65--Walt Rape-Fire Commissioner

5/3/65--Created & Establish Fire Zones

3/8/71--Purchased 1971 Ford LaFrance Fire Truck $26,198.00